EyeOnText offers a NLP-based Text Analytics Development Environment for the Data Sciences. It ingests unstructured textual data and delivers structured semantic objects, such as entities, sentiments, profiles, facts and links. EyeOnText offers an open paradigm with a rule language and an elaborate set of basic building blocks.

Instantly Useful

The EyeOnText toolkit comes with more than 50 entities and semantics primitives that you can use out of the box. EyeOnText provides as well a suite of corpus analysis tools and an expressive semantic search environment to help you get started model your data.

Extreme Customization

Information needs are UNIQUE, that is why every aspect of the toolkit can be adapted to your needs: you can add dictionaries, ontologies, create rules, filter unwanted results and render results to the repository of your choice.


The toolkit has been created with multilinguality in mind. Most of the text mining solutions have limited support for languages other than English and do not deal with language idiosyncracies with big semantic load, such as clitics, compounds or separable verbs. EyeOnText offers a mature NLP platform for English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese that is easily extendable to other languages.


Software Toolkit as SDK
End-to-end solutions
Workshops and consulting


By definition, the best data mining solution is that which provide answers to your most compelling questions. An overview of solutions we have built in the past, and of the questions we have tried to answer:

Customer Experience

  • What's the reputation of my brand/company?

  • Which are the weak links in my value chain: product features, distribution, pricing, marketing, customer support...

  • Which customer requires my immediate attention?

  • Which other companies do customers turn to, who are my competitors?

Supply Chain

  • A solution that makes the supply chain visible for me: who are the suppliers? What products or services do they supply? What's their geographical distribution?

  • What does the competitive landscape around my company look like: partners, competitors, subsidiaries... Which companies are their suppliers?

  • Show the events that might impact supply chain: mergers and acquisitions, patent/law infringements, geopolitical events, natural disasters, scarcity of raw materials, financial turmoil...


  • Pathologies, symptoms, diagnoses, medication, treatments... Find the relations between all of these elements.

  • Therapies, treatments and the sentiments associated: what seems to work, what doesn't? What are the side effects?

  • Identify physical and/or mental health issues that might require intervention.

Security and Intelligence

  • Generate an automatic profile of suspects: names, aliases, physical description, nationality, relations, crimes...

  • Detect weapons, terrorist acts, trolling, groomming...

  • who is trolling, groomming...